5 Scones For a Girls Night Out
January 3, 2020

We promised that our baker is completely sober when making these spiked-scones! These unique scones are loaded with fruit and are a delicious addition to any luncheon or night out with friends!

Blackberry Mint 'Julep' Cream Scones

Sadly, the ATF said I had to take the ‘Kentucky Bourbon’ out of these beauties…so they might be missing that particular kick, but they do pack a great fresh taste punch!! Enjoy!!

Raspberry Mint 'Mojito' Cream Scones

These fruity scones use only fresh Mint Leaves and loads of Raspberries with a lime juice glaze brushed on top!!! Try them with some Lemon Curd or Clotted Cream!

Peach Schnapps Cream Scones

These tender, golden scones, made with fresh peaches, are wonderful with a peach preserve with some fresh cream on top!!...Or simply enjoy them in all their simple glory — with a glass of Iced Tea!!

Pineapple 'Pina Colada' Cream Scones

There isn't much of a 'Tropics' in Ireland, but we can dream!!! The pineapple and coconut combine to give a lovely, subtle sweetness that is blended throughout the whole scone! Enjoy!!

Lemon Raspberry 'Martini' Buttermilk Scones

Sweet with the taste of spring time raspberries, these delicious lemon-zest flavored scones are a great way to start your day!! Delicious when hot and smothered with melted butter!!!